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White Chiropractic Centre Second Visit

Report of Recommendations

Your report visit is to explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

Your second visit is known as the “Report of Recommendations”. During this visit Dr Scott (D.C.) will go through the results of the examination and questionnaires. This will take 15-30 minutes, and once you have given your go ahead, Dr Scott (D.C.) will begin to introduce you to the adjustment processes. All of which are very gentle, very specific and comprehensive. You may ask why two visits?

This two-visit approach accomplishes several things:

  • Reduces the length of your first visit
  • Gives us time to correlate our findings
  • Avoids overloading you with too much information

Care Specifically Designed For You

In our office we see babies from only a few days old to people in their nineties, as well as everyone in between. The care you get is specifically designed for you. One of the strongest aspects of the office is that Dr Scott (D.C.) has travelled extensively to hone his technical skills in order to deliver to you the Best Chiropractic Adjustment possible. From Auckland to Anchorage he has worked with and been mentored by the Maters of his generation. He does not take lightly his 31 years experience and is always looking for ways to improve on his already exemplary skills. We may see thousands of people with the same or similar health challenges as yourself, but the care you receive is always unique to you. We use a variety of techniques all of which are gentle and without the twisting, popping or “cracking” that is sometimes associated with chiropractic care.

Special Consultation

We will also schedule you for your Special Consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask any further questions, advice and also bring your spouse or loved ones along. This visit is strongly recommended for you to attend as it addresses many concerns regarding your health and your family’s health and well being. A great number of topics are covered. Attend those talks that you are interested in. Dr Scott (D.C.) has 31 years of experience and has spoken all over the world. Take advantage of this special time to increase your knowledge base concerning your health!

Are you a good candidate for today’s chiropractic care? Find out by calling White Chiropractic Centre today! Take a look to see what to expect during your regular visits.