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Ballymoney Chiropractor | Dr. Scott White

Doctor after doctor told me it was in my head and for years I suffered!

Dr. Scott White, Ballymoney Chiropractor

Dr. Scott White, Ballymoney Chiropractor

Doctor after doctor told me it was all in my head and for years I suffered. I was scared and skeptical, but boy I wish I knew then what I know now. People don’t think I’m so crazy now……

How Chiropractic Found Me

I was a young man at Central Michigan University studying Biology and Chemistry when chiropractic found me. I say found me because I was studying to get into dental school at the time. However, circumstance had it different and I was first introduced to the practice and philosophy of chiropractic. And it made so much sense to me, in fact it was what the text books had been saying all along. The body, your body, is a self healing, self regulating and self maintaining system. And if you interfere with the mechanisms that control this system it is not going to work right. What I understood at that time and for the first time was that I could help people heal naturally without the use of dangerous drugs and surgery by becoming a chiropractor. WOW!! That’s right… it was one of those few experiences in life where time stands still because have had an AH HA moment. This stuff really began to make some sense to me. I was then introduced to a mentor of mine, Dr George Dubbs, he furthered my keen interest and encouraged me to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic from The Palmer College of Chiropractic. I mean it was all I focused on day and night knowing within myself that this was going to be one heck of a journey that I was about to embark upon. And the experience has been extraordinary from day one.

My Chiropractic Education

Having enrolled at Central Michigan University in 1974 I had no Idea that the next 8 years of my life were going to be consumed with learning, study and academic challenge. I attended CMU for four years with major emphasis in Biology and Chemistry. These were formative educational years for me as a young adult. Away from home acting on your own behalf sure gets you to sit up and take notice. Part of this education was overseeing a dormitory floor full of young men. That was an education in itself so we will leave it for another day. Following those 4 years at CMU I then enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in part due to the fact that Palmer had a rugby squad. Pretty darned good one too. During my playing days there we won the National Championship. Rugby of course was not the only reason I chose Palmer. I knew that I was going to receive a fine chiropractic education. I was going to learn from some of the best in the profession and boy did I ever. You see Palmer is what they call the “Fountain Head of Chiropractic.” It’s where it all started back in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer. Story goes that he adjusted a deaf man and his hearing was restored. Aside from the short history lesson I had the opportunity to be in the company of some of the Masters within the profession. Men and women that I would look up to and seek council from to assist me on my way through school. They now, after 30 odd years, have remained friends and colleagues that I will occasionally call upon or see at some program around the globe. So another 4 years of tutelage in subjects as dry and boring as bio-chemistry to the exciting full cadaver wet lab of dissection. What really created the educational forum of Palmer so full and rewarding were the relationships that were created and have been sustained to this very day. Amazing men and women from around the world enhancing and enriching the lives of many through the largest drugless and non surgical health profession in the world known as Chiropractic!

Principles of Health at White Chiropractic Centre

We base our practice on four key elemental and fundamental principles. These principles are congruent with your Health and also our practice. First and foremost we recognize and you know that the body is a self healing organism. That’s right it is designed to heal itself. For example, you get a replacement liver every month. All the cells in the liver die and new ones replace the old in 24 days or so. Amazing Stuff! Red blood cells are replaced every 120 days, heart in 89 days, stomach lining every 5 days. 98% of the dust in your house is you. Dead skin particles that float to the ground when you change your clothes. You need to know that in order for your body to accomplish all of this and more it needs to follow a very exact program. And if your body is not following this program and your body not doing what it is designed to do, understand this is not okay! Secondly, Your Nervous System is the thing that runs this program. Its like a central command computer that runs you! Yup all 500 different things your liver is doing right now too! As long as this nervous system is able to communicate effectively with each and every cell in the body you should have the very best health you have ever had in your life. This is NORMAL! If something interferes with the function of your nervous system and it is not able to do this your body will not be able to do what it is programmed to do and….it will do its own thing. My JOB as a chiropractor is to restore law and order to the system. I hope that this makes sense to you because it sure did and still does for me. If you are expressing less than 100% life its time you checked into this failing and find why!! Our of mission is to see as many people in our lifetime as we can……….Especially Children.

At Home with Dr. Scott White

My wife Cynthia (marketing and nutrition) with a young one

My wife Cynthia (marketing and nutrition) with a young one

I am from Detroit, Michigan I called this home for 18 years or so. Between university and college for the next few (8) years I lived in 2 different locals in the USA. By the time I finished my formal education I set out for Colorado where I eventually made Fort Collins my home the next several years. One day came and it was time for me to move on so I sold my business and decided to travel a bit before I settled in another location. Europe was the choice. Long story short I ended up meeting my wife Cynthia and finding Northern Island as our home. Cynthia is originally from Sion Mills in County Tyrone. We both enjoy the coast immensely and currently reside in Portrush. We are involved in a number of committees and organizations both in a community service and fundraising. One of our highlights of 2011 was the organization and execution of a Coffee Morning to assist Special Olympics Ireland/Ulster by raising over £1400 for the group. We have also helped raised funding on two separate occasions to assist a local lad in his quest to win the Junior World Surf Kayaking Championship. Which by the way he has accomplished two years running. My hobbies range from golf to fly fishing for salmon. Always one for the outdoors I am at my best when I am not cooped up inside but outside in the fresh air, rain or shine!

So how do I take care of my own health?

Do I get adjusted? Interesting facts about me that my surprise you. I look after myself for the simple reason that I know in by doing so I am garnering about 85% of my health outcomes in my lifetime back into MY control! So yup get adjusted as much as I can so that I can be rest assured that the POWER IS ON in my body. It is the only way I know keep that nerve system functioning at an optimal level. I watch what I eat. Lots of fruit and veg and a good source of protein. I also supplement my daily intake of food with some phenomenal stuff because it is necessary this day in age. From the way the food is grown to what its grown in; our fruit and vegetable source isn’t what it used to be. Exercise yes and I prefer resistance training to any other form of exercise out there. Cynthia and I enjoy walking the beaches as well. I do take good care of myself. Why would I want to roll the dice with my health? The “sick” care system here is broken, its there for a safety net if I so need it, but let’s face it folks this system is not designed to get you well nor keep you well. Its run by “Big Pharma” and the more drugs and vaccines they pump into you the better. But, our nations, both here in the UK and in the USA have lousy track record when it comes to “Health.” Hundreds of thousands of people die each year because current health attitudes. The number 3 killer in the USA is medical malpractice. And if we were to run the numbers it wouldn’t be far off over here in the UK and Ireland. So I decided a long time ago to do more of the things that I know how to do to promote my own and my family’s health. This is my health Assurance Policy. How about you? Isn’t it time that you started to make a change for a healthier lifestyle, a better you, a Greater Quality of Life for yourself and for your family?

Can I help You?

“So enough about me and my life. I am here to help serve you and your health needs. To Inspire Hope where little has been given. Call me at White Chiropractic Centre and we can arrange a time convenient for you so we can begin to investigate your options. Let us help you get on the road to a better Quality of LIFE. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”