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White Chiropractic Centre First Visit

You will be warmly welcomed at White Chiropractic Centre!

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You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

As a new patient coming into our Ballymoney office you will be greeted by our wonderful staff. We will all take care of you and guide you through the initial phases of care. Many times we will begin this process on the phone to save time so that once you are in the office you will have more time with the Chiropractor, (Dr Scott.) The staff will answer any questions you may have or assist you if you are having a problem. You will be asked to either begin to fill out or complete our Intake Form and Health Questionnaire and Stress Index. The Intake Form is the foundation from which your care begins. The Holmes/Rahe Stress Index is a very important piece of information as well and it is essential that you fill out both forms carefully, accurately and completely. Both are vital in the process of determining what will be the most helpful solution to your challenges. Once completed we will take you on a short office tour and introduce you to the basic concepts of chiropractic and the miraculous healing potential that lies within you. Following this short tour you will then be introduced to Dr Scott (D.C.) and your consultation and examination will begin.

Your Consultation & Exam

Dr. Scott (D.C.) will then proceed with the consultation and introductory information pertaining to the quality of your life and how it has been affected by the health challenges that you have been facing. (Since aches and pains will come and go it is essential that we understand what aspects of your life is being affected.) We believe this to be very important so we understand what your expectations are so that we may best serve your interests. Dr. Scott (D.C.) will then performs a thorough chiropractic examination, testing muscular and neurological functional testing through a variety of methods. All of which is very very gentle!!

Our Concern is Your Well Being!

If there is anything that we can do to help facilitate your recovery and betterment of your health let us know. We are here to help! We find that by providing you with information and knowledge is extremely helpful in aiding your journey back to health. Our focus is on helping you maximize your experience here at the office.

If you use glasses please bring them along for the consultation as there are some health history details to be filled out.

The patients that attend White Chiropractic Centre really appreciate the personalised attention and warm welcome that they receive upon entering the office.

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Arrange a time to discuss your health issues in person at White Chiropractic Centre. 028 2766667.

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