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About White Chiropractic Centre in Ballymoney

Warm Hellos as we meet again!

Daniel, a wee patient at White Chiropractic Centre

Daniel a wee patient

Let us start with a brief introduction of the office here in Ballymoney. The practice is located at 51a Queen Street in the town of Ballymoney. Bally-“town of” and Money-“the bog” or at least that is what I have been told by one of the local historians of the region. There has been a strong chiropractic presence in Ballymoney for over 20 years in the same location.

We Are Easily Found in Ballymoney

The practice is located on the first floor directly above Mathewson’s Chemist, just next to The Flash In A Pan award winning chipper. There is ample, FREE parking known as Cockpit Brae. The Entrance to the office is just off the parking area adjacent to the rear/ main entrance to the Chemist. We are easily found and if there is a difficulty just ring 02827666667 for assistance.

Bring 31 Years of Chiropractic Experience

I am Dr Scott Douglas White owner and director of the The White Chiropractic Centre. I have currently been in clinical practice for over 31 years. During this time I have practiced in numerous locations from Olympia, Washington USA, to Fort Collins, Colorado USA, to Danville, Kentucky USA, to Cork, Ireland, to Belfast, Northern Ireland and for the last 4 years Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. It has been an exhilarating ride so far! My chiropractic career has had taken me to Mexico, Costa Rica, Sweden, Grand Cayman Islands, Germany and many other spots in the world for my learning and professional development.

Our waiting room after a talk

Our waiting room after a talk

Sharing Chiropractic with Others

One of he things that I have accomplished as a practicing chiropractor are my abilities as a speaker and communicator of the chiropractic message, I have had the opportunity to speak at different venues around the world which I am quite proud of.

Gentle and Effective Techniques

Currently I am one of two individuals that practices a highly specialized form of care called Neurological Integration Systems and the only chiropractor on the island currently utilizing the Koren Specific Technique.

These two systems of integrating and adjusting to assist the body in functioning at its optimum have been chosen carefully for their ease of use and the outcome potential they possess! Folks just love the ease and gentleness and the result of removing the different types of interferences has been phenomenal. Benefit after benefit has been reported. The important thing is that individuals as well as family’s Quality of Life has been improved with these tools.

Having fun at White Chiropractic Centre

Having fun at White Chiropractic Centre

Helpful, Courteous & Friendly!

You will find our receptionists helpful, friendly, courteous and a friendly voice at the other end of the phone. Warm welcomes to you when you step into the office and if you are new to the practice you will be given an office tour and a full explanation as to what to expect during the first few visits. There are no stones that are left unearthed as we want you to feel comfortable and right at home. You will also be given the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the areas of nutrition if you choose.

Proudly Serving Ballymoney, Northern Ireland & Causeway Coast

At White Chiropractic Centre, we constantly are striving to improve our abilities to serve you! The important thing is that you are going to receive the very Best that we have to offer! Which in our estimation is some of the most avant garde service and experience that you will find, period!! Call us today to get started.